The AVANZA awards were created with the purpose of recognising the work and effort made by the company's staff, who helps to improve the company's competitiveness, achieve social integration within the company, enhance the quality of our processes, respect the environment and develop and apply innovative solutions and practices in the company's day-to-day operations. All of this within the scope of our organisation's on-going commitment to sustainable development, the promotion of occupational well-being and research, development and innovation. These awards are given every two years and the scope covers all business units that are part of the Environmental Services area. The first awards were given in 2017.




With these awards, FCC Medio Ambiente aims to:

  • Recognise the work of the different business units and people of the company, rewarding projects and initiatives associated with the activities and themes set forth.
  • Promote a voluntary and proactive approach in the business units and people of the company, beyond the mere fulfilment of their labour and legal obligations, so their activities are carried out in such a way that they fall within the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Raise the awareness of society in general and of all FCC Environment staff on the importance of incorporating these aspects into the ordinary and common management processes of the company, as a distinguishing factor of excellence in business management.
  • Show the tangible results of best practices, which can serve as a guide, set the example and stimulate the generation of new and better practices across the organisation.
  • Disseminate the best practices carried out in the business units of the company, among the public in general, and the Company's stakeholders in particular, as well as its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.