FCC provides its stakeholders with a confidential channel for submitting complaints about possible breaches of the FCC Group's Code of Ethics and Conduct or its Criminal Prevention Model and about the objective scope of EU Directive 2019/1937 on whistleblower protection and that determined by the respective national laws implementing it.

Communications, which may be nominal or anonymous, will be treated with due confidentiality and diligence, without fear of any kind of reprisal and respecting the processing of personal data in accordance with current legislation.

Communications will be previously analysed and, where appropriate, processed in accordance with the FCC Group's Compliance Model. The Model has a regulatory block consisting of policies (see https://www.fcc.es/en/normativa) and procedures that establish the expected conduct and actions, as well as the protocols for managing the Whistleblowing Channel and conducting the relevant investigations.



The following channels are available for reporting any possible infringement of the Code of Ethics and Conduct or the regulations that develop it:

  • By electronic form available on the corporate intranet (access limited to staff) which you can access from this link: https://fccone.fcc.es/en/web/fccone/formulario
  • By e-mail communication     to canaletico@fcc.es or denunciaacoso@fcc.es.
  • By post office box,     writing to PO Box 19312, 28080 Madrid. Spain.
  • By telephone/voice messaging    via telephone number (+34) 900 110 823
  • By face-to-face meeting, upon request by the informant, by any of the above means.
  • Local channels   in the different countries.



Details of the informant: name and surname (it is recommended that the report be made by name, although anonymous communications are permitted), contact telephone number and e-mail address, location and country, and the preferred time for contact from the Compliance Directorate.

Category of the complaint or enquiry: indicate whether the reason for the communication is a matter of harassment at work, sexual or gender-based harassment; money laundering; corruption; conflict of interest; defence of Competition; environmental safety; or any other matter contrary to FCC's Code of Ethics and Conduct and/or the Group's Compliance Model.

Communication of the alleged irregularity or non-compliance: relevant information must be provided with a description and detail of the specific facts, indicating where they occurred, dates and the persons involved. Depending on the means of communication used, it is recommended that additional files and/or documents be attached.