The Quality Award's purpose is to recognise the projects developed and implemented and which are distinguished by the increase in the quality of the services provided and/or influence in improving how the internal processes of the company are managed, for example: new service provision models, use of new technologies in the delivery of services, development of methodologies for the inspection and monitoring of services, methodology followed to improve maintenance of equipment or facilities, methods to evaluate the satisfaction of our customers or users of our services, systems to improve communication between our customers or users and the company, incident management methodologies, etc.

Awarded Projects 2021

  • Project “Industry 4.0 with Node-Red” - Andalucía I Delegation:

Automation of processes using the Node-Red tool, from which the PLC of a facility is read and acted upon. The aim is to automatically "read" certain parameters of a fcilityand, for certain circumstances, define action guidelines and instructions that are automatically launched to initiate processes in the fcility without the need for intervention by the site's operators. The specific project is for the automation of the leachate treatment plant at the Ecocentral Plant (Granada), achieving a 46% increase in the volume of leachate treated and an 8% reduction in energy consumption per m3.


  • Project “The Urban Cleaning Influencers” - Levante II Delegation:

The aim is to inform citizens and receive their feedback through social media about the different aspects related to the services we provide. The ultimate goal is to create a constantly growing network of followers with whom to interact in order to solve their doubts and complaints, as well as to receive suggestions and help citizens as far as possible. 



Awarded Project 2019



Implementation of a sotware or computer application to control and monitor the work to be carried out, providing coverage to the efficeint resolution of the anomalies/incidents detected during the provision of services, personnel control, task planning, daily progress reports, etc., as well as allowing fluid communication between FCC and the City Council, in addition to providing a system for quality control.


Awarded Project 2017



The project involves inspecting the sewage network with the support of a computer system that analyses the results and reduces cleaning requirements to only those elements that are dirty (or require it due to odours or other anomalies).




Outline of the DRACMA project