The Innovation Awards have been designed to recognise and reward internal talent of the organisation, materialised through innovative ideas, which should be the basis of a business project developed in the medium term, for example: innovative practices in the provision of services, in citizen, customers or other stakeholder relationship systems, in the improvement of environmental behaviour, which contribute to the sustainable economic development of the company, initiatives that result in an organisational improvement or the management processes of the company, etc.

Awarded Projects 2021

  • Project “Implementation of Multi-fraction Containers with restricted access and Smart Collection System” - Barcelona and Baleares Delegation:

In the city of Girona, a new waste collection system has been implemented, previously tested in a pilot trial in a single container area in the same city, where the usual configuration of containers for the five fractions has been replaced by a configuration of one container for the organic fraction, one container for sanitary textiles and a multi-fraction container, which each day is allocated to a different fraction (paper/cardboard, packaging, glass and residual fraction) following a predefined allocation schedule. In addition, intelligent containers with access control and volumetric sensors have been installed. In the future, on-board software is planned to allow the electronic management of dynamic routes by means of route optimisation algorithms, incident entry, remote remote control, localisation and communications.




  • Project “Energy recovery from combustible waste as a replacement for natural gas” - TRISA East Delegation, FCC Ámbito:

The application proposes the use of combustible liquid waste that can be recovered for fuel in the Evapo-Oxidation Unit as a substitute for natural gas. This achieves the valorisation of waste as opposed to elimination or disposal, as well as a reduction in CO2 emissions compared to other types of processes. In economic terms, the consumption of a resource for which we pay (natural gas) is reduced, compared to a recoverable combustible waste for which we receive a charge, which means increasing the margin in the management of this waste. 



Awarded Project in 2019



The  R&D project developed by FCC MEDIO AMBIENTE, S.A. entitled "DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF ADVANCED URBAN PRUNING SYSTEM", with file number IDI-20190100, has been co-financed by the Centre for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI), a body that reports to the Ministry of Science and Innovation, and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Multi-regional Operational Programme for Intelligent Growth.

 One of the essential activities for the optimal conservation of urban green spaces is pruning work. Trees in urban environments are subjected to stressful situations that result in the need to carry out special treatment that is different from that practised in other, more favourable growing conditions. Pruning work in road and urban environments has been carried out for years in the same rudimentary, manual way, and is characterised by great danger, both due to falls by operators and mishaps with tools.

FCC MA, as part of its business strategy, has developed this R&D project with the technical objective of designing and developing an advanced system for pruning urban trees with vision cameras that allow the operator to see different points of view of the branches to be cut and optimise the cutting operation.

The project has lasted 18 months and has had the collaboration of the University Institute of Automation and Industrial Informatics (ai2 Institute) of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) located in the Polytechnic City of Innovation.

Awarded Project in 2017



The project mainly involved the development of computer applications for reports and queries that enable much more information to be gathered from the services in much less time. Moreover, it offers an innovative approach to the citizen, real-time knowledge of the services provided and their simple comparison and follow-up with the planned services.

Mobile application of VISION in Girona

Mobile application of VISION in Girona