The environmental award is aimed at recognising the projects developed and implemented and with a special contribution to minimising environmental impacts derived from the development of the activities of the company, for example: increase in energy efficiency, both in the provision of services and in facilities and machinery, use of renewable energies, improvements in waste management, decrease in water consumption, improvements in leachate and wastewater management, minimisation of atmospheric emissions, etc.

Awarded Project 2021

  • Project “E-mobility Technologies in Building and Facility Maintenance services” - Barcelona and Baleraic Islands Delegation:

In this contract, FCC Environment  is committed to the implementation of green technologies, which is why 22 units of PHEV KIA NIRO passenger cars with the Spanish DGT's Environmental-Zero Label have been incorporated, which had to be adapted for industrial use. Moreover, additional charging points have been installed throughout the work area so that the maintenance technicians can optimise their journeys and thus maximise effective working times. In this way, employees start their working day at the customer's own centre without having to travel to the central facilities, also helping to minimise atmospheric emissions and reduce the CO2 carbon footprint. Finally, a process of total digitalisation of the services has been carried out. 



Awarded Project 2019




Hollow glass waste treatment plants receive recycled glass waste, which is classified, cleaned and treated to produce a raw material called "cullet" and is suitable for its use in the production of new glass containers.

The waste generated during treatment is known as the CSP fraction (Ceramics, Stones and Porcelains), which is mostly composed of pieces of glass with labels attached, which are usually then treated again with inefficient processes.

This project includes the construction and operation of a CSP fraction recovery tower, producing a clean and high-quality cullet, thereby improving the performance of the treatment process and reducing the amount of final waste sent to landfills.

The new line was installed as a tower (or waterfall), with a configuration that allows the material to fall from one unit to another by gravity, with the resulting energy savings; its design has taken into account proprietary technical contributions, based on the extensive experience of FCC Ámbito in glass treatment procedures.

In addition, the new line features the most advanced PLCs currently in existence, achieving a greater optimisation of treatment control procedures and an increase in the overall efficiency of the process.



Awarded Project 2017

  • Project "LA PELUSA assisted pedalling cycle with auxiliary electric motor"  :


The project involves the development of an electric powered pedalling tricycle designed for use by operators who need to travel from their work centre and to have the capacity to transport tools or waste removed after the delivery of the service. It is mainly aimed for street cleaning and garden maintenance, although it can also be applied to other services

LA PELUSA assisted pedalling cycle with auxiliary electric motor

"LA PELUSA assisted pedalling cycle with auxiliary electric motor"