Different Capacitaties

At FCC Environment, we champion aptitude and talent. We recognise disability as just one element, one which reflects the wealth and diversity of people, acting through our commitment to inclusion with full equality of opportunities.

Our abilities model is based on:

  • Technical expertise.
  • Key experience.
  • Skills and/or qualifications for the position.

Evolution of the workforce with disabilities in FCC Spain


FCC Environment has a clear commitment to the integration of people with disabilities into the workplace, as a key element for social integration and personal growth. With the aim of promoting equal opportunities and eliminating any type of discrimination and harassment, the company has made several commitments in this area that moves it even closer towards the eradication of any type of segregation.

As a result of our collaboration with different partner entities in the insertion of groups at risk of exclusion, FCC Environment inserted more than 372 people in 2018, bringing together people with disabilities, women victims of gender violence, people at risk of social exclusion and other vulnerable groups.