Gender Equality

For many years now, FCC has been working extensively to instil ethical principles and values, as well as to implement programmes, internal procedures and positive measures to create a working atmosphere that enhances respect amongst employed people, equal opportunities for men and women and the integration of diversity, which imply a growing assumption of sustainability and CSR commitments.

FCC Environment has a firm commitment to equal opportunities, promotion, respect for diversity and the eradication of any type of discrimination or harassment.

These transversal values are reflected in three transcendental documents:

  • Equality and Diversity Policy of FCC.
  • Code of Ethics and Conduct, with the express commitment to implement policies aimed at equal opportunities.
  • Harassment Prevention and Eradication Protocol of the FCC Group.


Within FCC Environment, we have signed different equality plans in the following companies:

  • I Equality Plan of FCC Environment S.A.
  • I Equality Plan of Selsa.
  • II Equality Plan of FCC S.A.

FCC S.A. currently has the Equality hallmark (DIE for its acronym in Spanish), granted by the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, and which it is a mark of excellence and recognition for equality policies and implementation measures that have been carried out. It has also signed an agreement with the Ministry to increase the number of women in management positions, and the group's equality plans have the corresponding monitoring bodies to ensure that all agreed measures are carried out. This is being undertaken alongside work-life balance; another of the points addressed by the company and for which it is currently performing a diagnosis to establish measures to improve the work-life balance of its employees.

By your side

FCC employees showing their support for victims of gender violence


Our commitment against gender violence is another of the points that the company is making every effort to fulfil. It is a standpoint that champions zero tolerance and the social and professional integration of victims. The company maintains its collaboration with the network "Companies for a Society Free of Gender Violence" and also partners various foundations to promote the employability and labour insertion of women affected by this scourge.