FCC operates through the following companies:

Urban waste recycling and treatment

FCC Environment has close to 700 treatment, recycling and disposal centres that manage more than 24.5 million tons of waste per year. Such waste is treated through thermal processes, composting, biomethanisation, recycling, incineration, controlled landfills and waste dumps.

FCC philosophy is based on treating waste as a resource, reusing and recycling it as much as possible and taking advantage of the energy in waste, when this is feasible.

FCC Environment operates the most extensive and varied range of treatment plants in the world, including various types of mechanical recycling, composting, biomethanisation and value recovery systems.

In many locations many different technologies are combined to ensure that the resources in the waste are as much recovered as possible. Close to 90 landfills receive the remaining waste and FCC captures the generated biogas and installs wind turbines so energy can be extracted from these landfills.

Treatment, recovery and disposal of waste in figures

  • 24.5 million tons of waste managed per year
  • More than 42 million people served
  • More than 700 treatment, recycling and disposal centres