VISION: FCC's Platform for Service Management


FCC Environment, by developing the platform VISION, offers an intelligent model of management and monitoring of services. The Platform is oriented both to provide specific services and to obtain tools that facilitate the development and adaptation of new functionalities

Knowing VISION platform: Explanatory document


This solution responds to a combination of hardware and software that allows you to have an application with sufficient resources, secure at the level of data protection and offering high availability.

App selection





This screen gives access to different work applications.

Different scenarios are accessible within an application.

The system automatically positions the user by means of the GPS.

Data are shown on the map in real time and according to its typology.

Data can also be visualized on a list.






Searches can be done by entering text or by using filters to narrow the displayed results.

Each result can be edited, completing the information with a wide range of possibilities.

Data or requested action tipology can be detailed.

Before data are sent, a complete verification of all details is requested. By using device’s capturing capabilities, photographs or documents can be included.

Once data are sent, a confirmation message is received and job can be continued.

Our offer is based on a series of tools that capture the information. These tools are unified inside a management system that optimizes the resources of the service delivery company, saves time and money to the municipalities and integrates the participation of citizens in the management of municipal services.

The constant management of information and its immediate availability increases the efficiency, coordination and agility for the delivered services. Citizens get a better perception of the variety of urban services and equipment and such services experience an increase in quality and efficiency.