Training and Development

Training is a strategic pillar within FCC Environment, the main objective of which is the training and permanent updating of the competencies (knowledge, abilities and skills) of the organisation's human resources.

Our purpose is and will be the training and updating of knowledge and skills, as well as the personal and social development of our workers.

How do we do it?

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What do we offer?

 Columna "Plan de formación"

With the regulatory requirements and training actions, aimed at the job description, business objectives and professional career of our employees.

 Columna "Plan de formación"

The work teams are becoming more and more complex and this implies continuous retraining for a "refresher" on the innovations that arise.

 Columna "Plan de formación"

There are 3 modes of delivery of training actions: Face-to-face, E-learning and Mixed (face-to-face + e-learning).

 Columna "Plan de formación"

We have a tool with different modules, associated with each training action, for the management of everything related to training at any stage.


Annually, 38,037 people have received training, for a total of 273,750 hours and including: 45% in Occupational Hazard Prevention Training; 26% in Technical Training and 7% in Skills Training.


"We want our people to be integrated in their workplace, with optimum output and developing their potential and performance."