Technology serving the Business

Within the framework of providing services to cities, it is essential to have ICT tools that support the provision of effective, efficient, sustainable and comprehensive services: truly intelligent services

This goal cannot be achieved if there are no systems available allowing to collect company’s know-how, capitalizing on these systems the best practices, efficient processes, optimized communications, etc. and offering all the agents that interact in a city (administration - citizens - companies) modern and collaborative tools that make possible an agile management of the information that results in an optimal service provision.

At FCC Medio Ambiente we have developed "VISION - Intelligent platform for the provision of citizen services" which allows us meeting the objectives described, responding to the current requirements of our customers and being prepared for the future challenges that appear in the provision of our services.

Esquema, Modelo accesible, ágil global e integrado
  • Global platform: it establishes a system that allows managing all the processes and agents involved in FCC Environment contracts.
  • Agility of response, both in the design and in the execution and deployment of new needs arising from business management.
  • Accessibility to the platform functionalities through each agent’s most favorable environment. Adapting technologies both to every situation and to the people who use them.
  • Geo-referenced information that allows users to know where things happen, analyze this information and present the results in different cartographies.
  • Mobile apps. Own developments for mobility, fully integrated with the platform.
  • Allowing interconnection and integration between multiple devices and systems.
  • System of treatment homogenization, translation and storage for the dynamic and efficient management of all the collected information.
  • Fleet control and management and all associated functionalities.
  • Documentation management to control the flow of documents that are generated inside the organization.