Talent management

A global project

FCC Environment vision defines the future sought by the company and provides a purpose for its actions. In this way, all its members share the same culture and are part of the same project.

The common link between all our professionals is a shared culture, on which the company's own values are based:

We develop our activities following strict ethical and operational excellence standards. These principles are reflected in the values that govern the company's conduct.

All FCC employees share:

The same mission: to design, implement and manage environmental services in an efficient and sustainable manner in order to improve the lives of citizens.

The same vision: to be an international leader in providing services to citizens, offering global and innovative solutions for the efficient management of resources, contributing to improving the quality of life of citizens and the sustainable progress of society.

A winning team

In the Internationalisation Plan, our team works every day for: 

At FCC Environment we create the right environment to attract, manage, motivate, develop and engage the best professionals.

A nature:

  • Developing a programme to evaluate potential and identify global talent for the development of new career plans.
  • Designing career and development plans, with training itineraries by position.
  • Implementing talent identification programmes, based on the five identified core skills.
  • Consolidating a results-oriented culture.
  • Assigning projects aimed at shaping leaders in the company.
  • Building communication and leadership spaces that allow talent and ideas to materialise.
  • Promoting performance management systems and their evaluation.
  • Implementing a system to analyse the potential for key position succession plans.
  • Working on remuneration and benefits policies that reward our workers' results.

Our company reflects this commitment to employees in its Human Resources policy and demonstrates it through many internal procedures, programmes and actions that it reviews and continuously improves.

Just like in the workplace, each member plays a special role and brings their unique skills to the team!

Behind every FCC Environment project there is a great team of people willing to make it a reality.