More than 100 years delivering services to cities

FCC Environment is a world leader in environmental services, operating since 1911. At present, it provides municipal services throughout Spain and other countries in Europe and America, through: FCC Medio Ambiente (Spain), FCC Environment Portugal, FCC Ámbito, FCC Environment (UK), FCC Environment (CEE) and FCC Environmental Services (USA).

The assets of the FCC Group's Environment area are owned by “FCC Servicios Medio Ambiente Holding, S. A.”, which in turn belongs entirely to “Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas, S. A.”

It currently provides environmental services to almost 60 million people in around 5,000 municipalities in 12 countries. It has more than a century of experience and this is demonstrated by the variety of services provided: collection, treatment, recycling, energy recovery and disposal of solid urban waste; cleaning of public roads; maintenance of sewage networks; maintenance and conservation of green areas; maintenance and cleaning of buildings and installations; treatment and disposal of industrial waste; and recovery of contaminated soil.

FCC Environment is structured through 5 divisions: Spain and Portugal, Ámbito (industrial waste), United Kingdom, Central and Eastern Europe and the United States.

FCC Environment is committed to technological innovation in order to improve the well-being of citizens and to make cities increasingly sustainable. We have the most advanced fleet of vehicles in the world, equipped with the most innovative systems: more of 16,000 vehicles out of which 2,126 units are equipped with a sustainable propulsion system that includes electric, hybrid and natural gas engines.

A company committed to improving the well-being of citizens

Our company has an unwavering commitment to the environment, always at the service of the citizen.



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