Our principles and values

Honesty and Respect Rigour and Professionalism Loyalty and Commitment
We observe all laws and regulations and ethical values. Rigour in control, reliability and transparency. We are a customer-centric company.
Zero tolerance against bribery and corruption. We protect the Group's reputation and image. The health and safety of people are paramount.
We fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities. We use the company's resources and assets efficiently and safely. We promote diversity and fair treatment.
We protect free competition and good market practices. We monitor the ownership and confidentiality of data and information. We are committed to our environment.
We behave ethically in the stock market.   We have a transparent relationship with the community.
We avoid conflicts of interest.   We extend the commitment to our partners in the business.



Commitment to integrity, honesty and transparency

Two mechanisms are used to guarantee our commitment to ethics and integrity. One is the Code of Ethics and Conduct, the highest-ranking standard in FCC Environment that establishes the guidelines for conduct to be followed by all company employees. The other one is the Whistleblowing Channel, through which any employee can report actions that fail to observe our Code of Ethics and Conduct.