Our people

FCC Environment understands that social dialogue and direct contact with its workers, their legal representatives, unions and other social agents are required to create a bond with its employees, with the purpose of encouraging new agreements to be signed, through collective bargaining, and that the different processes with a collective character are carried out with transparency, constituting monitoring committees and providing employees and employee representatives with all the necessary information.

Trabajadores FCC uniendo las manos

The Labour Relations area is responsible for monitoring collective procedures, collective bargaining and social dialogue (which is the main tool to identify the needs of different stakeholders), while also defining the general criteria for action, monitoring and coordination of plans and hallmarks for gender equality, diversity and disability management.

Collective bargaining is mainly channelled through sector agreements (state and provincial agreements). FCC Environment also participates via different business associations in the negotiation of different sector collective agreements, within the different areas and activities of the firm, as well as collective agreements associated with contracts and work centres.