New achievements on VISION


Within the VISION project, 100% developed by FCC Environment, throughout the last year continued the process to integrate all aspects of managing our services in a technologically up-to-date and unified manner. On this sense, it is noteworthy that along 2018 the tool was implemented for all FCC Environment contracts in Spain, integrating the Quality Management, Warehouse Management and Contracting systems.

At the same time, deployment of the platform to all contracts and activities in our division has continued. Some of the most relevant functional aspects implemented in this year are:

  • Automatic controls on legal compliance:

System to define legal requirements needed for different activities, automatic discovery procedures based on service information and verification of compliance providing documentary support.

Esquema, Modelo accesible, ágil global e integrado

  • Management of environmental aspects:

By analysing data on consumption, waste, inventories of elements, signed contracts, etc. a map is drawn up of current and potential environmental aspects to allow the impact of our activities to be measured and to take actions to mitigate it.

  • Integration of Service Management with administration and human resources systems:

In order to move forwards with having a fully integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planner), the connection systems between the administrative and financial management and human resources platforms have been created. Systems from information structures, procurement and stocks and updating of personnel data have been integrated

  • Sensors on our vehicles

In partnership with the main suppliers of specialised vehicles, the control systems of the collection vehicles has been integrated with FCC Environment’s on-board control system. With this step, there is an integrated system that allows operations, alarm management, preventive maintenance, etc. to be controlled.

  • Service compliance control system

Based on the existing inventory information, service scheduling, job execution, location and sensor systems, controls are developed to verify the provision of scheduled services and compliance with planned routes.

  • Personnel: Operations support system

In the management of personnel, operations support systems have been integrated in aspects of attendance records, activity shifts, management of PPEs and clothing, training records, etc. These systems have been related to the programming of services, legal compliance, etc