New achievements on VISION

During 2022, in order to increase the security and transparency of the information managed, and to meet the growing demands of customers, the management system platform has been certified in the Spanish National Security Scheme.

As part of the continuous evolution of the system, throughout 2022 the following functionalities and improvements have been developed:

  • Calculation of eligibility criteria and alignment of contracts with funding criteria according to the European Union sustainable taxonomy.
  • End-to-end waste management and control system for large private producers to ensure “Zero Waste” certification.
  • Planning of management audit system for contracts, applying criteria required by the different standards the company works with.
  • Inventories and renovation management of public lighting, facilitating the planning, installation and monitoring of the application of energy efficiency criteria.
  • Dynamic generation of bulky waste collection routes based on received requests, supported by developed optimisation algorithms.
  • Control system of user entries and quantities provided by users at recycling centres based on the different criteria of the administrations to which services are provided.
  • Improvements in the systems for exchanging information on incidents and requests with municipal systems.
  • Direct connection of the VISION platform with the Power BI app for the generation of balanced scorecards, facilitating the exploitation of information by users with different levels of training.
  • Assistance in the creation of the Service Monitoring Centre to support contracts with high reporting requirements to customers.
  • System for the elaboration of the market study of company’s activities with analysis by enterprises, business groups, number of inhabitants, production figures and maturities.
  • Deployment of the app for the monitoring of manual sweeping operators with management of route sheets, consultation of routes and generation of incidents.


Energy efficiency lighting control.                                                       Market study of municipal services.