FCC Medio Ambiente is one of the members of the consortium of the MINETHIC project "Promotion of the recovery and valorisation of strategic mineral resources for the ecological transition". Led by Técnicas Reunidas. 

MINETHIC's general objective is the research of new sources of non-conventional mining raw materials, both industrial and urban, for the Green Transition, covering the whole value chain: pre-treatments to concentrate the materials of interest and eliminate interferents, separation treatments, recovery and purification, and validation of the recovered materials in final applications (permanent magnets, cathodes, catalysts...). New technologies for the recovery and valorisation of CPMs from mineral resources, by-products and waste streams will be researched, as well as the integration of digital technologies, promoting a sustainable, efficient and local supply of CPMs.

The main objective of FCC Medio Ambiente is the extraction of P (phosphorus), Ni (nickel) and Co (cobalt) present in the slag from incineration of Municipal Solid Waste and the P (phosphorus) from the biostabilised material from the biological treatment of organic matter from mixed Municipal Solid Waste. 


The MINETHIC project has been subsidised by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain, with co-funding from the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism, in the 2022 call for the "Science and Innovation Missions Programme" of the State Programme to Catalyse Innovation and Business Leadership of the 2021-2023 State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.