ICTs as support for Smart Services

Within the framework of the provision of services to cities, it is essential to have ICT tools that support the provision of effective, efficient, sustainable and comprehensive services: really smart services.

This objective cannot be achieved if there are no systems available that allow us to collect company’s performance know-how by capitalising on the best practices, efficient processes, optimised communications, etc. in these systems, thereby offering all the agents that interact in a city (administration - citizens - companies) modern and collaborative tools that allow streamlined information management that results in an optimal service provision.

FCC Medio Ambiente develops "VISION – Smart platform for the provision of citizen services" that allows us to meet the aforementioned objectives and respond to the current requirements of our customers and be prepared for future challenges that appear in the provision of our services.

A comprehensive service management focused on excellence in its provision requires maximum coordination of all areas that are affected by a given operation.

VISION hardware and software

Outline of processes on the VISION platform

Outline of processes on the VISION platform

It is necessary for production-, legal-, environmental-, human resources-, machinery- and training-related aspects, etc. to be jointly managed through an integrated system.

VISION incorporates the different functional modules in a single environment, sharing information, processes, validations and services that facilitate the orientation towards excellence in work.