Ground maintenance

Caring for parks and gardens in your city

We have extensive professional experience in the creation, conservation and restoration of green spaces and historic gardens. FCC works to keep more than 6,100 hectares of parks and green areas in municipalities in perfect condition where millions of people can enjoy a place where they can read, walk or practise sport every day. All this, thanks to the dedication of more than 6,000 professionals, equipped with the tools, vehicles and support material best suited to the characteristics of each place.

FCC Environment, first Spanish entity to obtain ICTE Tourism Q certification for cleaning and conservation services for parks, gardens and green areas.

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Application of innovations in the latest contracts

FCC Environment recently renewed the contract for lots 1, 2 and 3 of the ground maintenance service in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and has been awarded the children's playground maintenance service. This contract will serve the city's 377,000 inhabitants with a workforce of 308 workers. It will have 77 vehicles, 39 of which will be electric. Technological innovations include a Drone with a multidirectional camera for vegetation monitoring and phytosanitary control, a tomograph for internal inspections of palms and trees, which will allow early healing treatments to be applied to affected specimens before symptoms manifest themselves externally.

ARBOMAP, will also be implemented, which is a GIS system that allows the management of the cataloguing of green areas and the service's operational programmes and incidents. For the optimisation and saving of water for irrigation, there will be a weather station and high efficiency irrigation devices and remote irrigation management.

FCC has designed a programme will also be used for integrated management of plagues and natural predators, in which the regard the agreement reached with the Canary Islands Institute of Agricultural Research (ICIA) to eradicate the Diocalandra frumentii, (lesser coconut weevil or snout beetle), which digs tunnels in all parts of palm trees.

Among other innovations to highlight, there will be a cataloguing of unique species, the parks will have the Q-Plus certification, and several of them will be published on the “Vivir los Parques” platform, of the Spanish Association of Parks and Public Gardens (AEPJP).

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