Ground maintenance

Caring for parks and gardens in your city

We have extensive professional experience in the creation, conservation and restoration of green spaces and historic gardens. FCC works to keep more than 6,100 hectares of parks and green areas in municipalities in perfect condition where millions of people can enjoy a place where they can read, walk or practise sport every day. All this, thanks to the dedication of more than 6,000 professionals, equipped with the tools, vehicles and support material best suited to the characteristics of each place.

FCC Medio Ambiente, first Spanish entity to obtain ICTE Tourism Q certification for cleaning and conservation services for ground, parks, gardens and green areas.

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Application of innovations in the latest contracts

FCC Medio Ambiente has recently been awarded a new contract for the maintenance of parks and grounds in the northern area of Valencia, a city where the company has been present since 1957. It boasts a workforce of around 140 people and the entire fleet has ECO or ZERO EMISSIONS environmental labels. There are also plans to gradually integrate personnel at risk of exclusion through FCC Equal, Special Employment Centre for the social and occupational integration of people with disabilities promoted by FCC Medio Ambiente.

In this new stage, an improvement plan for the landscaped areas and trees is being implemented based on the "PDCA" logic (Plan, Develop, Control and Act), which makes it possible not only to carry out a diagnosis, but establishing strong points and areas for improvement and also to associate concrete and specific actions to promote continuous improvement and to plan future lines of action. FCC Medio Ambiente runs the operations based on a tailor-made maintenance plan under criteria of sustainability, biodiversity and functionality, including efficient management of irrigation and fountains, reduction of emissions through the use of electrical machinery, reduction of the use of phytosanitary products and chemical fertilisers and an increase in the variety of tree species adapted to the climate and with low water requirements.