Ground maintenance

Caring for parks and gardens in your city

We have extensive professional experience in the creation, conservation and restoration of green spaces and historic gardens. FCC works to keep more than 6,100 hectares of parks and green areas in municipalities in perfect condition where millions of people can enjoy a place where they can read, walk or practise sport every day. All this, thanks to the dedication of more than 6,000 professionals, equipped with the tools, vehicles and support material best suited to the characteristics of each place.

FCC Environment, first Spanish entity to obtain ICTE Tourism Q certification for cleaning and conservation services for parks, gardens and green areas.

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Application of innovations in the latest contracts

FCC Environment was recently awarded the new ground and parks maintenance contract to preserve and renovate the grounds, as it has been doing since 2012. The second most populated city in Catalonia, with 270,000 inhabitants, has more than 650,000 m2 of grounds and nearly 35,000 tree units. The service will be provided by a staff of 155 workers and a fleet of 71 vehicles, among which those with a gross vehicle weight of over 3,500 kg are powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and present the ECO environmental label. Newly acquired vehicles will also have ZERO emission or ECO labels. In addition, 186 new machines have been incorporated, with a large proportion of electric units.

Sustainability and biodiversity criteria are incorporated into its services, promoting the blossoming of grounds, the management of lawns and meadows, the installation of insect hotels and the placement of nesting boxes and bird boxes. Furthermore, single-use plastic bags are eliminated.

Among other new features of the service, vegetable waste will be reduced and reincorporated into grounds through the shredding of pruning waste and the recycling system of mowers and tractors. Tree maintenance works will also be restructured with selective pruning and a risk plan will be implemented with the aim of assessing the risk of trees, for which specialised personnel will be available. There will also be specialists in integrated pest management and less polluting techniques will be used with endotherapy and biological control treatments. Finally, the SAMCLA remote management system of the irrigation networkS and the installations that are fed with water from the groundwater will be extended.

Se han incorporado criterios de sostenibilidad y biodiversidad en los servicios, potenciando la floración de los espacios verdes, la gestión de céspedes y prados, la instalación de hoteles de insectos y la ubicación de cajas nido y cajas refugio de aves. También se eliminan las bolsas de plástico de un solo uso.