Functionalities of VISION


The platform VISION is a scalable tool, based on work modules that interact with each other, but that are independent in their implementation. Among others we have developed:

  • Mobility Solutions that allow access to platform functionalities through Android mobile devices connected to the Internet.
  • Characterization and graphic representation systems of real work environments that allow the perfect integration between systems and agents involved in the model.
  • Inventory management for municipal equipment, allowing the visualization of any inventoried items on the map and the request for maintenance or improvement actions on such items.
  • Record of consumptions, counters and work reports associated to the service contract from any system (telematic, manual, Smartphone ...).
  • Incident management, using the permanently-located operative workers as informants at any unexpected situation.
  • Information analysis and report generating module, integrated in all environments that provides the user with the necessary information easily, comfortably and with the highest quality.
  • Location of vehicles and machinery and fleet management, integrated with existing structures and with a lower cost than other solutions offered in the market.
  • Human Resources Management:: through its versatility and the constant crossing of information it is possible to keep the personnel lists up-to-date, prepare calendars based on presence shifts, manage vacations and medical leaves and keep control of the delivery of uniforms and PPE or organize the medical examinations of the staff.
  • Vehicle and machinery maintenance plan management, by managing all preventive processes integrated into the system.
  • Container identification and weighing module that allows to immediately manage information regarding the amount, location and type of waste collected