FCC Equal

One of the most outstanding projects related to the professional integration of people with disabilities is FCC EQUAL Special Employment Centre (CEE for its acronym in Spanish), spearheaded by FCC Environment. FCC EQUAL is a Special Employment and Training Centre where 30 people with severe disabilities now work. It is dedicated to the comprehensive management and execution of Special Employment Centres (CEE) and the provision of auxiliary services for people with disabilities. In addition to the group's own internal work, FCC supports and works with specialised entities, organisations and foundations whose corporate purpose is the social and professional integration of people with disabilities, as well as improving their health and safety conditions. Thus, the aim is not only to offer job opportunities to people with disabilities, but also to provide them with skills, qualifications and competencies for their professional development within the company.

FCC Equal employees. Vandel Park, Madrid

In line with this policy of inclusion, FCC Environment, through the ‘FCC Equal’ Special Employment Centre, together with La Caixa's Incorpora programme, "Inserta Empleo" - Once Foundation and the organisers of Smart City Expo World Congress 2018, all of whom are committed to the communities in which they operate and are aware of the fact that smart cities must become more and more inclusive, joined forces in the latest edition of the aforementioned congress to create the First Employment Fair for Vulnerable People with Difficulties for Social Inclusion.