• 47.12 % Florida
  • 24.13 % Texas
  • 18.40 % California
  • 10.35 % Nebraska

FCC Environmental Services USA

FCC Environmental Services is one of the top 15 companies in the United States for comprehensive management and recycling of solid urban waste. The company operates in the states of California, Texas, Florida, Nebraska and Iowa. Across these states over 10 million inhabitants are served and 1.6 million tonnes of waste and 252,000 tonnes of recyclable material are managed.

The company has continued to develop its commercial division with the acquisition in 2022 of Houston Waste Solutions, in the Houston (Texas) metropolitan area, that will position FCC as one of the largest commercial companies in the region.

FCC Environmental Services strategy is to continue with the consolidation of the collection and post-collection activities and the development of the commercial business. The company is also analyzing some opportunities of vertical integration, with the incorporation to the business of some post collection activity that will fit in FCC’s long-term strategy.