FCC Ámbito

FCC Ámbito specialises in the integrated management of industrial and commercial waste, recovery of by-products and decontamination of soil. Through innovative solutions for making the most of the resources contained in the different types of waste, Ámbito has become a strategic partner of industries and businesses which, in line with the circular economy, develop their activities ensuring environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Overall, it has a total of 39 processing centres across Spain and Portugal, with more than 67 treatment lines that guarantee the performance of the facilities. Internationally, FCC Ámbito has a significant presence in Portugal, where it operates through its subsidiary ECODEAL.

The industrial waste activity will continue to focus on the efficiency of operations and growing the activity. The incorporation of new technologies will allow FCC Ámbito to consolidate its position in the recycling and waste recovery markets, as that of a key player in the circular economy.