Environmental Management

Logo AENOR Gestión AmbientalFCC Medio Ambiente Quality Management System complies with the UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 international standard and has been audited by AENOR, certified under GA-2000/0107 in 2000.

The Environmental Management System provides tools and an adequate methodology to ensure that all applicable environmental regulations are identified and that compliance is regularly monitored. The requirements of this international standard also include the identification and assessment of environmental aspects, both those generated by our activities or services developed under normal operating conditions and those that could be generated in abnormal situations (incidents, emergencies, etc.). It is for this reason that we try to adopt measures to avoid such risks within our management system and so that, if they occur, they have a minimum harmful impact on the environment. Therefore, it represents the tool used to achieve and demonstrate a solid environmental performance in the organisation, by controlling the impacts of its activities, products and services on the environment, in accordance with its environmental policies and objectives.


Logo AENOR Gestión Energética

FCC Medio Ambiente Energy Management System complies with the UNE-EN ISO 50001:2011 international standard and has been audited by AENOR, certified under GE- GE-0022/2013 in 2013. Energy is integrated into the Environmental management. However, nowadays, the rational use of energy is becoming more and more relevant. This is reflected by the Administration in the development of Energy Efficiency and Saving Plans that lead to a reduction of the direct and indirect emissions of Greenhouse Gases, which cause Climate Change.


FCC Medio Ambiente is aware of this situation. For this reason, it does not forget about the impacts of its activity on the Environment when seeking to achieve its business objectives, especially as regards the impact of energy consumption. The purpose of the Energy Management System is to improve energy performance, with a commitment to energy savings and efficiency, thus contributing to the protection of the environment, pursuing a reduction of emissions in the company's activity


Logo Eco-Management and Audit Scheme



As part of our commitment to environmental improvement, FCC Environment chose to adhere to the Community Environmental Management and Audit System in 2009 (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme - EMAS). EMAS is a system that helps us promote the continuous improvement of the organisation's environmental performance and to disseminate relevant information related to environmental management, to the public and to other stakeholders. Adhesion to EMAS requires meeting the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO-14001 standard and preparing a public Environmental Declaration that contains all the applicable environmental indicators, which must be validated by an external environmental verification body. Below are the four validated environmental declarations of our area (ES-CV-000052, ES-CAT-000280, ES-CAT-000315 and ES-CAT-000415). These represent the modern environmental management, transparency and environmental commitment of this organisation.