DEEP PURPLE (Domestic extraction of emerging products with purple phototrophic bacteria)

A project financed by the Public-Private Association Bio-Based Industries (BBI JV), led by FCC Environment, in which the following also partake: Technical University of Delft, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, FCC Aqualia, S.A. University of Valladolid, Bioeconomy Cluster Management, Exergy, IRIS, Materia Nova, Avecom, Asegre, University of Bologna, Confagricoltura, National University of Ireland, Galway.

El concepto DEEP PURPLE

The DEEP PURPLE concept


This is a pilot research project on applying the most innovative techniques across the board in managing the different effluents generated in the organic waste treatment facility (digestate, leachate and biogas), based on the Circular Economy principles promoted by the European Union. It uses purple phototropic bacteria to recover by-products in wastewater, such as polyhydroxyalkanoates and hydrogen, single cells, or nitrogen and phosphorus for their use as fertilisers.

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