Code of Ethics and Conduct

The Code of Ethics and Conduct establishes the guidelines for conduct aimed at guiding the actions and behaviour of our professionals on ethical, social and environmental related matters. It is aimed at encouraging everyone working for and collaborating with FCC Environment to follow the guidelines for behaviour with the highest possible levels of thoroughness, showing the commitment to observe the laws, regulations, contract terms and conditions, and ethical procedures and principles.

It includes matters associated with corruption and bribery, among others. In addition to dealing with specific issues, such as human rights, the development of human capital, the health and safety at the work place and the respect for the environment, it is applicable in all countries in which we operate and affects the employees, managers, partners, suppliers and contractors that collaborate with FCC Environment

In addition, the Code of Ethics and Conduct promotes the company's corporate culture. To this end, it has been designed to unify and strengthen its identity, culture and guidelines for conduct. Our Code of Ethics and Conduct is the practical implementation of the values shared by FCC Environment, strengthening a culture of compliance and supporting the creation of long-term value within our project.

This Code is mandatory for everyone working for and collaborating with FCC Environment, i.e., employees, executives, suppliers and contractors, regardless of their contract and labour relationship with the company, their position or region in which they work.