Two new pieces of auxiliary cleaning equipment were developed in 2019. These are two trolleys for the street cleaning service, manufactured from fibreglass-reinforced polyester resin, made up of a main base body holding two 120-litre load buckets.

The trolleys are electric powered to facilitate travel around the city, incorporating an accompanying electric motor, powered by an electric battery.

Movement is controlled by means of a joystick that regulates travel (transfer speed). The difference between them is that a platform for personnel has been included into one of the trolleys.

This equipment has a simple on-board computer that includes GPS location, with a SIM card for sending data via GPRS, and an antenna for communications. This allows data on the equipment’s position to be transferred in real time, as well as sending data from sensors and telemetries. Among its many advantages, the high level of precision and robustness stand out.

Both trolleys were shown worldwide at the Smart City ExpoWorld Congress held in Barcelona in November 2019.