FCC Medio Ambiente is an organisation recognised for its engagement in the protection of biodiversity in an urban context through its activities in maintenance and conservation of parks and gardens and also for some more specific initiatives undertaken at its industrial facilities for the treatment and disposal of urban solid waste. In addition, through beach cleaning services we contribute to the improvement of the Spanish coastline.

It is worth noting that FCC Medio Ambiente is working towards SDGs 14 and 15 related to the protection of terrestrial and marine biodiversity, which, while not prioritised in FCC Environment's materiality analysis, will be incorporated, across the board, in all activities provided by our organisation, through the implementation of a Programme aimed at encouraging actions to protect biodiversity.

Icono protección de la biodiversidad

The actions and initiatives undertaken by our organisation aimed at caring for natural capital include:

  1. The integrated management of parks and gardens
    • Incorporation of feeders, nests, places of refuge and homes for insects, birds, bats and other animals.
    • Census of botanical species and fauna.
    • Introduction of cultural practices that are more respectful to biodiversity: biological control, endotherapy, use of ecological and/or low toxicity products, etc.
    • Use of wood from sustainable forest management systems in the purchasing of furniture.
    • Implementation of ICTs for the management of trees.
  2. Landfills: places rich in biodiversity
    • Collaboration in bird tracking processes involving endangered species.
    • Prevention of the possible risks derived from the overpopulation of certain opportunistic species. Our actions are focused on deterrents such as falconry or the use of air cannons to avoid risks to our personnel and annoyance in the local population.
  3. Caring for the Spanish coastline

FCC Medio Ambiente operates in the beach cleaning sector in cities such as Mijas, El Rincón de la Victoria, Alicante, Castellón, Vigo, Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Puerto del Rosario, San Sebastian, etc. FCC Medio Ambiente was the first Spanish entity to obtain the Q Tourism certificate from the ICTE, which granted the Q Mark specifically to services related to the conservation of parks, gardens and green areas, as well as the cleaning of beaches, coasts and coastal waters.

FCC Medio Ambiente's role in the protection of urban biodiversity has been strengthened in 2023by the  renewal in 2023 of the    Spanish Enterprise and Biodiversity Initiative (IEEB) and the signing of the Biodiversity and Natural Capital Pact.