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FCC Medio Ambiente to continue providing municipal services in the city of Manresa

FCC Medio Ambiente will continue to provide solid urban waste collection and street cleansing services for the city of Manresa (Barcelona), where it has been present uninterruptedly since 1993. The new contract represents an order book value of €91.4 million for the next 10 years and will serve nearly 80,000 people.


The Special Employment Centre FCC Equal Comunidad Valenciana begins the new street cleansing service in Massamagrell

Massamagrell Town Council has awarded the new street cleansing contract in full to the Special Employment Centre, FCC Equal from de Valencian Region, a subsidiary of FCC Medio Ambiente. This is a two-year contract with a possible extension for a further two years.


EnergyLOOP instalará en Navarra, en el municipio de Cortes, su innovadora planta de reciclaje de palas de aerogeneradores

EnergyLOOP, compañía impulsada por Iberdrola, a través de su programa PERSEO, y por FCC Ámbito, filial de FCC Servicios Medio Ambiente, construirá su innovadora planta de reciclaje de palas de aerogeneradores en España en el municipio navarro de Cortes.


FCC Medio Ambiente renews the waste collection contract of the Sasieta municipal association

The Sasieta municipal association (Gipuzkoa) has renewed its trust in FCC Medio Ambiente with the award to the Goierri Bilketa joint venture, led by the company, of the new solid urban waste collection contract for nearly €40 million for the next 10 years. FCC Medio Ambiente's relationship with the association, which i...


FCC Servicios Medio Ambiente strengthens its presence in the US with the acquisition of Houston Waste Solutions

FCC Environmental Services, FCC Servicios Medio Ambiente’s American subsidiary that provides comprehensive waste management and recycling services in the United States, has made a new acquisition in the North American market with the purchase of Houston Waste Solutions (HWS), one of the largest commercial solid waste c...