2030 Agenda and SDG

Logo Agenda 2030 para el desarrollo sostenible

FCC Environment offers a series of principles that underpin our integrated and integrative management model, with local goals and priorities inscribed within a framework of global challenges that dictate our path towards green growth. Following the strategic lines set out by the Group's CSR Policy and 2020 Plan, FCC Environment has defined its goals and priorities as regards sustainability in order to comply with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda

The prioritised SDGs, as shown in the figure below, will improve:

  • Human development (generation of talents; diversity and equal opportunities, occupational safety and health, social inclusion).
  • Green growth and the fight against climate change (efficient use of resources, technological innovation, low-C processes and services, circular economy, protection of biodiversity)
  • Work environment (fight against corruption, peace and social stability, quality and transparency in the value chain)
  • Public-private partnership and opening up to the third sector

Esquema contribución a los ODS priorizados

SDG prioritized by FCC Environment

In accordance with the idiosyncrasy of our businesses, we have prioritised, on the one hand, the SDGs which we directly influence through the intermediation of integrated technological improvements in our production processes as well as the good practices implemented in the services we provide and, on the other, the transversal SDGs upon which, and as a consequence, our actions tend to have a positive impact.