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FCC Ámbito opens its end-to-end photovoltaic panel recycling plant in Cadrete (Zaragoza)


FCC Ámbito opens its end-to-end photovoltaic panel recycling plant in Cadrete (Zaragoza)

FCC Ámbito opens its end-to-end photovoltaic panel recycling plant in Cadrete (Zaragoza)

FCC Ámbito, after having received the communication of effectiveness issued by the General Directorate of Environmental Quality of the Government of Aragón, has inaugurated its new end-to-end recycling plant for photovoltaic panels. Located in Cadrete (Zaragoza), its objective is to offer the photovoltaic sector a solution for recycling its panels, both those that reach their end of life and those that for various reasons become waste during the process of installation or operation of the parks.

This morning, the mayor of the municipality, José Bellido, accompanied by a delegation from FCC Ámbito formed by Maria Jesús Kaifer, Technical and Development Director; Julio Rodriguez, Director of the Northern Branch, and Carlos Mallén, the plant's Managing Director, received the Aragón Government's Councillor for Environment and Tourism, Manuel Blasco, at the facilities.

After the welcome, the attendees were given a guided tour of the plant where they were able to see first-hand the new line for the recycling of panels, whose treatment technology is more environmentally sustainable, as it does not generate any waste streams other than the panel materials.

At the end of the visit, FCC Ámbito's Technical and Development Manager pointed out that "the plant inaugurated today is another example of FCC Ámbito's interest in the search for solutions to incorporate circular economy into renewable energies".

The Councillor for Environment and Tourism of the Government of Aragón was in charge of closing the event, highlighting that "thanks to this plant, from now on solar panels will not have to go to landfill. This is another example of the potential of the circular economy and its capacity to generate employment and wealth".

The event was also attended, on behalf of the Government of Aragón, by the Director General of Environmental Quality of the Department of Environment and Tourism, María Martinez.

This facility is also part of FCC Medio Ambiente's 2050 Sustainability Strategy, a 30-year business development roadmap based on four lines of action: environmental, social, excellence and governance. With the management of the increasingly abundant WEEE waste, FCC Ámbito seeks to reinforce the environmental axis through the promotion of circular economy, in order to achieve the European Union's waste recovery targets for 2035.

In addition, and linked to this activity, the PV4INK R&D&I project is being led and developed by FCC Ámbito, whose objective is to recover the silver contained in photovoltaic panels and its use in high-value applications, which will increase the rate of valorization and also recover a strategic element for the energy transition.

FCC Ámbito is a subsidiary of FCC Servicios Medio Ambiente specialising in the comprehensive management of industrial and commercial waste, recovery of by-products and decontamination of soil. It has a total of 39 treatment centres in Spain and Portugal, with more than 68 processing lines that guarantee the performance of the facilities.

In the picture, from left to right: Mayor of Cadrete, José Bellido Muniesa; Head of FCC Ámbito's Northern Branch, Julio Rodríguez Sesmero; Councillor for the Environment and Tourism of the Aragón Government, Manuel Blasco Marqués; FCC Ámbito's Technical and Development Manager, María Jesús Kaifer Brasero; and Director General for Environmental Quality of the Aragón Government's Department of Environment and Tourism, María Martinez.