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FCC Medio Ambiente awarded the contract for the new urban services of Benalmádena (Málaga)


FCC Medio Ambiente awarded the contract for the new urban services of Benalmádena (Málaga)

  • The new contract for waste collection, street cleansing and the management of the city's household recycling centres represents an order book value of €82 million for the next 10 years.
FCC Medio Ambiente awarded the contract for the new urban services of Benalmádena (Málaga)

The joint venture FCC Al-Ma'Din, formed by FCC Medio Ambiente and its subsidiary FCC Equal Special Employment Centre, has been awarded the new contract for waste collection, street cleansing and the management of household recycling centres in the city of Benalmádena (Málaga). The contract is worth €82 million over the next 10 years and will serve a total of 75,800 inhabitants, a figure which doubles during the summer season due to the arrival of tourists and temporary residents.

The contract serves the entire municipal area, comprising the villages of Benalmádena Pueblo, Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmádena Costa and all residential estates, as well as the entire seafront promenade. To this end, it will boast a staff of over 110 people and a fleet of 45 vehicles. It should be noted that 23% of the collection vehicles and nearly 60% of the street cleansing vehicles will be electrically powered, a sign of the commitment to the environment and sustainability of the Benalmádena City Council and the FCC Medio Ambiente joint venture.

As for the waste collection service, which annually collects more than 45,000 tonnes of waste, it has been decided that all the machinery will be newly acquired EURO VI, in accordance with the legislation in terms of pollution, so that it will possess the most innovative systems on the market, for reduction of consumption and minimum noise emissions. The implementation of the collection of the organic fraction will be carried out which, together with the collection of glass, mixed packaging, paper and cardboard, involves the acquisition of around 1,840 new surface containers and 541 new underground containers. The distribution of 100 units of domestic compost bins is offered in order to convert organic and vegetable waste into compost for gardening, and the construction of a plant for the treatment of vegetable waste for use in parks and gardens by composting the waste collected will be carried out. Finally, the coastal service is being reinforced as a result of the increase in population during the summer season, which also serves businesses located in the coastal area.

As for street cleansing, which will cover a total of 307.41 kilometres of streets, the new service involves a significant increase in frequency and equipment with pressurised water, mixed sweeping and hydro-cleaning. The fleet is mainly electric and more importance is given to mixed mechanical sweeping, both in residential estates and on seafront promenades, as well as integrating a dual sweeping attachment into the machines themselves. It is worth highlighting the introduction of multifunction equipment that can carry out scrubbing, washing-down and sweeping services with the different accessories and implements attached to the vehicle, as well as the inclusion of electric tricycles for manual sweeping tasks. 

The services will be organised and monitored through VISION, an integrated digital management platform developed exclusively by FCC Medio Ambiente that makes it possible to interact in real time with service incidents, residents' requests and the municipal team.

An important part of this contract is the incorporation into the service of nearly 36% of people with disabilities from the FCC Equal special employment centre, and collaboration agreements will be signed with local associations for their recruitment and monitoring.

The contract also contemplates actions and plans for communication and environmental awareness campaigns in schools, associations and entities, as well as the promotion of events related to the environment with the aim of raising awareness of the separation of the organic fraction, the implementation of the mixed packaging fraction, the reduction of waste deposited as residual waste and which cannot be recovered, and the dissemination of the household waste recycling centre service.