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FCC Medio Ambiente obtains the "Cardio-Protected Company" seal


FCC Medio Ambiente obtains the "Cardio-Protected Company" seal

FCC Medio Ambiente obtains the  Cardio-Protected Company  seal

FCC Medio Ambiente has become part of the network of heart-healthy businesses by obtaining the "Heart-Protected Company" seal awarded by the "Salvavidas Cardio" organisation. The company recently held a brief ceremony in the Vive Saludable room at FCC's corporate headquarters in Las Tablas (Madrid) where it received the recognition.

In line with the "Cardiovascular Risk Prevention Programme", part of the company's Health and Welfare at Work strategy, technological equipment (defibrillators) has been installed and workers have been given the necessary knowledge of cardio-protection. A cardiac arrest is an unexpected event that causes our heart to stop beating normally, putting our life at risk. The response in the first three minutes can make all the difference. Through specific training in the use of the defibrillator and basic life support, the aim is for employees to be able to respond effectively to a cardiac arrest episode in the company.

Salvavidas Cardio is a company specialised in providing organisations and companies with the knowledge and equipment necessary to respond effectively to a cardiac arrest. In the last 12 years they have led the creation of cardio-protected spaces in Spain with a deployment of more than 19,000 cardiac rescue points.

FCC Medio Ambiente, committed to the health and well-being of its people, has implemented these preventive actions as part of the social axis of its 2050 Sustainability Strategy (2050SS). 2050SS is a roadmap for business development with a 30-year horizon that integrates very demanding objectives and commitments with high added value for the company and society as a whole, structured into four lines of action: social, environmental, excellence and good governance.