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FCC Medio Ambiente to continue providing facility management services for Bilbao City Council


FCC Medio Ambiente to continue providing facility management services for Bilbao City Council

  • The new contract will cover more than 350,000 square metres distributed among 170 council centres and the city's only funicular railway
FCC Medio Ambiente to continue providing facility management services for Bilbao City Council

Bilbao City Council has once again awarded to a joint venture led by FCC Medio Ambiente the facility management service for the city council and other dependent bodies, which the company has been providing since 1993. The contract is worth €53.4 million for the next four years, with a possible extension of one more year, and will cover over 350,000 square metres distributed among 170 facilities. The company has been present in Bilbao since 1972 and currently provides street cleansing, waste collection and parks and ground maintenance services.

The contract will boast a workforce of approximately 400 people and will incorporate newly acquired "Zero Emission"environmentally-labelled vehicles to join the existing electric fleet. In addition, this equipment will have a lime-based paint with graphene nanofibres that is more flexible and durable, without toxic components and with the capacity to purify the environment and absorb CO2, all of which goes to show the commitment of Bilbao City Council and FCC Medio Ambiente to the fight against climate change. For the first time, the service includes the cleaning of the Artxanda funicular, which has two stations and two carriages, as well as the lifts, ramps and escalators throughout the municipality.

The company will collaborate with the LAZTAN non-profit organisation to obtain the internationally recognised 'Allergy Protection' seal, with the aim of providing greater safety for multi-allergic people who access and use these buildings. There will also be electric waste recycling mini-centres for the selective collection of waste whose fraction is not containerised on public thoroughfare (toner, batteries, etc.).

Alligned with the innovative nature of FCC Medio Ambiente, manned scrubbing machines have been incorporated which, completely autonomously and without requiring a machine operator, will clean areas with routes learned safely and reliably. An Innovation Committee has also been set up, including service managers, workers and the City Technical Service, which will gather information internally and externally, through trade fairs, congresses and other administrations, as well as collaborating with organisations that the Group serves, in order to implement new solutions and improve results. Among them, an agreement with the Tekniker Technology and Research Centre has been signed for the testing and validation of a new ultrasonic surface cleaning technology.

In order to promote the social sustainability of the service as well, the company has signed agreements with several entities for the social and occupational integration of groups at risk of exclusion, such as the Lantegi-Batuak Foundation, the Urbegi Foundation and the María Inmaculada Bilbao Educational Centre.