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FCC Medio Ambiente honoured with the ‘Equality in the Workplace’ Distinction from the Ministry of Equality


FCC Medio Ambiente honoured with the ‘Equality in the Workplace’ Distinction from the Ministry of Equality

  • The award of the distinction, granted for the first time in 2020, took place on Thursday 13th June at the Real Fábrica de Tapices in Madrid.
  • This certificate recognises the equality plans of the FCC Group's environmental services area, which were issued in 2008.
  • The application of affirmative action policies, specific training for women and the prevention of harassment were key measures in achieving this award.
FCC Medio Ambiente honoured with the ‘Equality in the Workplace’ Distinction from the Ministry of Equality

FCC Medio Ambiente has received the Equality in Business Distinction (DIE for its acronym in Spanish) from the Ministry of Equality, through the Women's Institute, awarded for the first time in 2020. The ceremony took place on 13th June at the Real Fábrica de Tapices in Madrid, where Luis Suárez, FCC Medio Ambiente's Human Resources Director, accepted the award from Ana Redondo García, Minister for Equality. This distinction, which has been extended to its subsidiaries, has been renewed annually as it meets the ministry's demanding requirements, and recognises the policies and programmes that the company has been developing since 2008, aimed at promoting equality in all areas of the organisation.   

The Equality in the Workplace award recognises all kinds of actions aimed at promoting the balance of personal, family and professional life, through the design of general objectives and the articulation of flexible measures that allow for adaptation to the diversity of situations and needs that may arise for the company's staff.

In order to obtain and maintain the award, the criteria for the implementation and results of the measures contained in the company's equality plans have been assessed; the adoption of agreements at the highest level through their approval by the Board of Dirctors; the establishment of procedures and criteria for the periodic evaluation of these plans; the application of positive action measures that actively promote equal opportunities between men and women; the policy for the prevention of harassment; the dissemination of campaigns on gender-based violence and the integration of women victims of gender-based violence into the workplace, as well as training actions, both for access to employment and those aimed at promoting women to positions of responsibility.

During these years, new subsidiary companies, as well as other subsidiaries of FCC Medio Ambiente, have joined the Equality Plan negotiated and agreed with the Federations of Employees of Public Services and General Union of Workers of Services, Mobility and Consumption (UGT for its acronym in Spanish) and with the Federation of the Habitat of Comisiones Obreras (CCOO for its acronym in Spanish).

Obtaining and annually renewing the award means the strengthening of the strategic equality and diversity policies of Human Resources at FCC Medio Ambiente, as well as the express commitment of its management team to promote the development and professional performance of its staff under the guarantee of equal opportunities and the promotion of effective equality.

FCC Medio Ambiente is the company that backbones the FCC Group's environmental activities and which has been providing municipal services and comprehensive waste management for more than 120 years. It currently serves 33 million people in Spain and Portugal in almost 3,700 municipalities, for which it boasts a workforce of over 40,000 people.