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FCC Medio Ambiente renews its commitment to the city of Torrent


FCC Medio Ambiente renews its commitment to the city of Torrent

FCC Medio Ambiente renews its commitment to the city of Torrent

Torrent City Council (Valencia) has once again awarded FCC Medio Ambiente the contract for waste collection and street cleansing, which the company has been providing uninterruptedly since 1996. The contract is worth €101 million over the next 14 years and will have nearly 100 people on staff to serve the city's more than 85,000 inhabitants.

All of the service's new equipment boasts the ECO or Zero Emissions environmental label, 80% electric and 20% powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). The installation of solar panels on the roof of the machinery fleet is planned to reduce the electricity consumption generated by the recharging of the fleet's batteries, all of which is a sign of the City Council's commitment to the fight against climate change and sustainable urban development.

To collect the approximately 39,000 tonnes of waste per year of the municipality, 29 vehicles will be used, 33% of which will be CNG-powered and 66% electric. All equipment will be fitted with global monitoring devices, the entire fleet of containers will be replaced by new units and, in areas particularly sensitive to fires, the containers will be equipped with an autonomous fire prevention system to stop them from spreading to trees in the event of ignition by the remains of embers or firecrackers. In terms of new features, the collection of the organic fraction will be introduced throughout the municipality and door-to-door collection will be implemented in the old town, and the selective collection of the paper and light packaging fractions will be increased to three times a week, as well as the frequency of the collection services for household waste and pruning in residential estates. In addition, 12 contribution areas will be installed throughout the city to try to reduce uncontrolled dumping points equipped with video surveillance cameras connected to the local police.

In terms of street cleansing, there is a fleet of 36 vehicles, 92% electric and the rest CNG. The main novelty is that water services have been significantly increased: a daily street washing-down service with a mini-sweeper, a scrubbing and washing service on pavements three times a week, a cleaning service for industrial estates, as well as seven ancillary teams equipped with pressurised water. Electric traction vehicles are also provided to make longer commutes easier for street cleansing workers.

The comprehensive management of the services will be carried out using the VISION digital technology platform, developed by FCC Medio Ambiente, which incorporates applications for monitoring and optimising the work that enable real-time interaction with service incidents and requests from residents. It will also be exported to a platform for control by the City Council and technical assistance.

In order to also promote the social sustainability of the service, there is a commitment to incorporate women affected by gender violence and people with disabilities into the workforce, where the percentage of women out of the total already amounts to 35%. The service has also included the hiring of environmental monitors, responsible for carrying out environmental awareness and dissemination campaigns.