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BAT Iberia y FCC Medio Ambiente socios sostenibles en el reciclaje de residuos


BAT Iberia and FCC Medio Ambiente sustainable partners in waste recycling

BAT Iberia and FCC Medio Ambiente sustainable partners in waste recycling

British American Tobacco (BAT) Iberia and Selsa, a subsidiary of FCC Medio Ambiente, recently presented the new comprehensive waste management service at BAT's headquarters in the Emperador Tower in Madrid, where Selsa also gave a training course to the client's employees on the correct segregation of waste.

This new service involves the collection of the five fractions at BAT's offices with innovative technology that accompanies the physical process. Bins with tags for geo-positioning and data regarding capacity and waste fraction are used. The containers are transported in lorries powered by compressed natural gas, which avoids the release of18.41 tonnes of CO2e into the atmosphere, proof of the commitment of both companies to sustainability and the environment.

The entire process is monitored through Selsa's SMART Platform, which collects weighing data and documents to track each fraction to its final destination. The data are incorporated online into a report to comply with the waste law 07/2022 and from this information, Selsa manages and sends chronological files, waste characterisation reports and carbon footprint analysis to the client.

In this sense, Selsa and BAT join forces to achieve sustainable management in waste recycling by analysing and classifying all the waste generated to optimise its use within the production process, with a view to ‘closing the circle’ and reusing it as a new raw material.

About Selsa

Selsa, Servicios Especiales de Limpieza S.A., created in 1974, specialises in all types of facility management services nationwide, including cleaning and maintenance of large public spaces and private buildings, recycling and collection of hazardous and non-hazardous waste and bio-sanitary waste, and ground maintenance.