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FCC Medio Ambiente organises a Solidarity Day with Ukraine in Barcelona

General picture, Solidarity Day with Ukraine in Barcelona

Last 28th April, FCC Medio Ambiente held a day of solidarity with Ukraine in the form of a round table discussion and a photographic exhibition at Palau Dalmases (Montcada, 20) as part of the campaign among the company's employees to collect basic necessities for those affected by the war in Ukraine and, in collaboration with the non-profit association 'Es Per Tu', to deliver the corresponding packages to the Ukrainian town of Ivankiv.

The day served to raise awareness of the situation of Ukrainian refugees and the invasion that persists in that part of Europe. Participants in the discussion included Serhii Prokhorenko, one of the Ukrainian workers hired by FCC Medio Ambiente as part of the mentioned campaign, who spoke about his experience in the conflict; Rosa Martín and Julio Fernández, from the organisation 'Es Per Tu'; Albert Martínez, manager of the street cleansing service in Barcelona for FCC Medio Ambiente; and Luis Suárez, head of human resources of the company. 

Support from Barcelona

This action continues the solidarity campaign launched during Christmas among FCC Medio Ambiente employees to provide basic necessities for Ukrainians affected by the war. Specifically, more than 11,000 kilograms of warm clothing, first-aid medical supplies, torches, batteries and non-perishable food were collected and sent to Ukraine thanks to the fundamental support of the Barcelona Capital and Balearic Islands branch. The solidarity effort of its staff went on for a month, with a huge amount of work in processing permits and logistics for the shipment of the material. 

In order to be able to carry out this solidarity campaign, the support of the Barcelona City Council was invaluable. They made it possible to use the Córcega work centre (Córcega, 498-502) as an operational base, where the people from FCC Medio Ambiente carried out all logistics of storage, classification and packaging.

Collaboration agreements with entities

The company has csigned several collaboration agreements to support refugees. For example, the agreement signed last February with the association Tent Partnership for Refugees (Tent) to provide jobs in different locations in Spain to refugees from Ukraine. Likewise, in 2022 FCC Medio Ambiente established a collaboration agreement with the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid (CEAR for its acronym in Spanish) for two years to improve the employability and facilitate the job placement of participants in the Integration Programmes for International Protection Applicants, refugees, stateless people and vulnerable immigrants. Both agreements are linked to the campaign launched in 2022 to reserve jobs and recruit Ukrainian refugee professionals in our country.

Historical presence in Barcelona

FCC Medio Ambiente's commitment to the city of Barcelona dates back to 1911, when the first contract for the management and maintenance of the sewerage network was awarded, and it has been providing street cleansing and waste collection services uninterruptedly since 1915. The company dedicates a huge amount of resources and effort to keeping the city clean. Currently, and since the renewal of the contract in 2021, it serves more than half a million inhabitants in the districts of Ciutat Vella, l'Eixample and Gràcia, and employs 1,471 people and 572 vehicles and machinery units, almost 100% of which are environmentally friendly and more than 65% zero-emission electric.


In the picture, from left to right: Alberto Martínez, manager of the street cleansing for FCC Medio Ambiente's Barcelona Cleansing and Collection contract; F. Xavier Grau, head of the Barcelona Capital and Balearic Islands branch at FCC Medio Ambiente; Julio Fernández, representative of "És per tu"; Rosa Martín, president of "És per tu"; Jordi Payet, CEO of FCC Medio Ambiente Iberia; Jordi Ferrando, deputy director of Zone I at FCC Medio Ambiente; Luis Suárez, head of Human Resources at FCC Medio Ambiente; and Martí Juanola, manager of the Cataluña I branch.