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null FCC Medio Ambiente primera empresa del sector que se adhiere a la Red Empresarial por la Diversidad e Inclusión LGBTI


FCC Medio Ambiente first entity in the sector to join the Corporate Network for Diversity and LGBTI Inclusion

FCC Medio Ambiente has been the first company in the environmental services industry to join the Network of Companies for Diversity and LGBTI Inclusion (REDI, for its acronym in Spanish), and today the company held a celebration ceremony.

The event which took place at FCC Medio Ambiente’s corporate headquarters in Las Tablas, was attended by Ízaro Assa de Amilibia, President of the REDI association and Head of Diversity at BBVA. FCC Medio Ambiente was represented by Raquel Losada, Manager of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; Alejandro Izquierdo, Chairman of the Works Council and Luis Suárez, Director of Human Resources.

The act was opened by Raquel Losada, who assured that this agreement is a big step for the company to foster an inclusive and respectful atmosphere, where it can be guaranteed that all people who work for FCC Medio Ambiente can feel comfortable and fully develop their job without any kind of discrimination.

Ízaro Assa de Amilibia then pointed out that FCC Medio Ambiente is the first company in the environmental sector to join the association and she was excited to have the company in REDI’s ranks. She added that the two organisations will go down together through unexplored and highly beneficial paths for the people who work in both entities.

Closing the event, Luis Suárez expressed FCC Medio ambientes’ commitment to encouraging an inclusive environment. The company is aware of the work that is still to be done in this area but, step by step, with the support and collaboration of organisations such as REDI, discrimination can be successfully tackled and addressed.

FCC Medio Ambiente is committed to encouraging an inclusive environment and valuing the talent of people regardless of their identity, gender expression or sexual orientation. Zero tolerance for discrimination.

Joining REDI is part of the ConSciencia Iris programme, promoted by FCC Medio Ambiente through its Human Resources Department. This initiative, carried out within the framework of the company's 2050 Sustainability Strategy, aims to improve people's lives.

About REDI, Network of Companies for Diversity and LGBTI Inclusion

REDI is the first experts and corporate association in Spain created to promote an inclusive and respectful environment in organizations, where talent is valued regardless of gender expression or sexual orientation.

It was created in June 2015, inspired by similar international initiatives. In February 2018 it obtained legal status as a non-profit organisation.

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