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FCC Medio Ambiente holds a Day of Solidarity and Commitment with Ukraine


FCC Medio Ambiente holds a Day of Solidarity and Commitment with Ukraine

FCC Medio Ambiente holds a Day of Solidarity and Commitment with Ukraine

Coinciding with the anniversary of the start of the war in Ukraine and the end of the internal campaign to deliver basic necessities and raise funds carried out during Christmas time, FCC Medio Ambiente held today a Day of Solidarity and Commitment to Ukraine. This event also marks the culmination of the initiative to reserve jobs and hire refugees from Ukraine in our country, which the company launched in March 2022.

The event, which took place at FCC Medio Ambiente's headquarters in Madrid, consisted of an exhibition of photographs of the reception of the material in Ivankiv, a Ukrainian town north of Kiev near the Belarusian border, and a round table discussion to continue the work of raising awareness of the situation of Ukrainian refugees and the current war.

Taking part in the round table were Yana Miseen and Valentyna Konopatska, two Ukrainian refugee colleagues from FCC Medio Ambiente who joined as a result of its refugee recruitment campaign, Dr Cecilia Estrada, director of the Chair of Refugees and Forced Migrants at Comillas Pontifical University, Jorge Travesedo, representative of the collaborating charity Es Per Tu, and Luis Suárez, head of Human Resources at FCC Medio Ambiente.

The purpose of this event, which culminates the aforementioned support campaigns, is, on the one hand to demonstrate to the company's staff, who have shown their solidarity in this project, that positive action really does reach families in need; and, on the other hand, to continue to demonstrate FCC Medio Ambiente's social vocation.

Es Per Tu is a non-profit association that bases its activity on hosting children living in radiation-contaminated areas in Chernobyl, Ukraine. The improvement of their health is what drives the association to promote fostering, which always takes place during the summer or Christmas periods. Es Per Tu is currently involved in providing basic necessities to Ukrainian families affected by the terrible situation caused by the invasion of Ukraine.