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FCC Ámbito awarded the glass management contract for Ecovidrio


FCC Ámbito awarded the glass management contract for Ecovidrio

FCC Ámbito awarded the glass management contract for Ecovidrio

FCC Ámbito, a subsidiary of FCC Servicios Medio Ambiente, has been awarded for its glass recycling division the public contract for the selective collection and temporary storage of glass packaging waste managed by ECOVIDRIO for the Autonomous Regions of Aragón, La Rioja, Valencia and the provinces of Ávila and Segovia, the latter through the group company Marepa. The contract represents an order book value of €13.5 million for a period of 8 years from 1st of February 2022 in the regions of Aragón and La Rioja, Ávila and Segovia; and 3 years for the Valencia Community.

FCC Ámbito has been providing uninterrupted service in these regions for more than 25 years, reaffirming its commitment to building more sustainable societies and strengthening the environmental values that unite the firm with ECOVIDRIO, the integrated glass management system with which it has been collaborating since its creation.

This new contract involves collecting 62,000 tonnes/year of selective glass, which are placed in more than 20,000 containers (bottle banks) located throughout the country. 

With regard to the technological upgrades of the contract, it is worth highlighting the automated weighing of each collected container in the lorry, the communication of this data in real time through a new management platform developed for this purpose, the use of tags for individual identification of each container, new Euro VI vehicles that will have GPS tracking systems allowing the management and optimisation of the collection routes with the consequent cost savings, efficiency improvements and the reduction on the carbon footprint. 

In addition to the selective collection service, FCC Ámbito also operates the treatment and recovery of glass containers of household and industrial origin at its three production plants in Cadrete and Muel, in Zaragoza, and Sagunto, in the Valencian Community, where the company offers its services to multiple industries that generate glass waste, such as glassworks, bottling plants, car scrapyards, etc.

In 2020 FCC Ámbito has treated and marketed more than 130,000 tonnes of different types of glass in these plants, an essential prior step for the reincorporation of these materials into the production cycle. The experience of more than 40 years recycling glass and belonging to a group with a vocation for industrial service such as FCC Servicios Medio Ambiente, together with the trust placed in it by both public and private entities, are the best endorsement and the greatest pride of FCC Ámbito’s human team.