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FCC Medio Ambiente consolida su presencia en Portugal con la adjudicación del contrato de recogida y limpieza viaria en el Valle de Sousa


FCC Medio Ambiente reinforces its presence in Portugal with the award of the contract for waste collection and street cleansing services in the Sousa Valley

The City Councils of Felgueiras and Lousada have awarded FCC Environment (FCC Medio Ambiente’s subsidiary in Portugal) the contract for the collection and transport of urban waste and street cleansing for a period of eight years. The total portfolio of the contract represents an order book value over 12.5 million euro and an investment of almost two million euro. By signing this agreement, FCC Environment begins to operate in the Intermunicipal Community of Tamega and Sousa, in the north of Portugal.

To service the 107,000 inhabitants of Felgueiras and Sousa, there will be a high-tech fleet and machinery selected to satisfy the concrete needs of both Portuguese cities. In order to collect the more than 40,000 tons of waste expected, there will be a fleet of 10 advanced vehicles, including eight collectors, one container-washing lorry and one container-maintenance van.

To provide the street cleansing service, which covers more than 52 km of roads, the company will have 19 vehicles and specialized machinery, including a mechanical sweeper, two open-back brigade lorries with a tail lift and high-pressure equipment and 15 street sweeping cars.

To carry out the different tasks listed above, FCC Environment will have a staff of 46 employees. 

With the objective of creating and promoting a service that is adjusted to the needs of the residents of Felgueiras and Lousada, new litter bins will be installed throughout the territory. Furthermore, Sanecan-type containers for the collection of dog excrements will also be installed in order to provide an improvement in the urban environment and simplify the cleansing tasks.

When providing the service in the cities, the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) play a fundamental role in order to manage the great amount of information generated in an agile way and to ensure the realization of effective, efficient, sustainable and integral services. In this regard, the set of services that FCC Environment will provide in Felgueiras and Lousada will be organised and monitored through VISION, a comprehensive digital management platform developed exclusively by FCC Environment, which allows to respond to the objectives of the contract and to adapt to the current and future requirements of the client.