Avanza Awards 2021


The AVANZA awards were created with the purpose of recognising the work and effort made by the company's staff, who helps to improve the company's competitiveness, achieve social integration within the company, enhance the quality of our processes, respect the environment and develop and apply innovative solutions and practices in the company's day-to-day operations. All of this within the scope of our organisation's on-going commitment to sustainable development, the promotion of occupational well-being and research, development and innovation. These awards are given every two years and the scope covers all business units that are part of the Environmental Services area. The first awards were given in 2017.

With these awards, FCC Medio Ambiente aims to:

  • Recognise the work of the different business units and people of the company, rewarding projects and initiatives associated with the activities and themes set forth.
  • Promote a voluntary and proactive approach in the business units and people of the area, beyond the mere fulfilment of their labour and legal obligations, so their activities are carried out in such a way that they fall within the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Raise the awareness of society in general and of all FCC Environment staff on the importance of incorporating these aspects into the ordinary and common management processes of the company, as a distinguishing factor of excellence in business management.
  • Show the tangible results of best practices, which can serve as a guide, set the example and stimulate the generation of new and better practices across the organisation.
  • Disseminate the best practices carried out in the business units of the company, among the public in general, and the Company's stakeholders in particular, as well as its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.


Awarded Projects 2021


Social Initiatives


Awards for social initiatives: The purpose is to recognise the active participation and the involvement of employees with social action initiatives, in the different aspects that make up Corporate Social Responsibility, especially in its social-labour environment, such as the social integration of disadvantaged groups, the promotion of occupational well-being, the collaboration with local communities and/or entities in the development of social and educational projects or projects for the improvement of living conditions and quality of life.:

Awarded Project 2021:

  • Project   “FCC Equal Comunidad Valenciana, a place for everyone” - Levante I Delegation

FCC Equal CEE Comunidad Valenciana, S.L. is a Special Employment Centre, working towards the full integration of people with functional diversity in the workplace. This project is characterised by its ambitious spirit, something that is clearly reflected in the growth of production and the number of workers, a figure that has multiplied almost fourfold in just two years.  FCC Equal Comunidad Valenciana has a young management team, almost 60% of whom are under 40 years of age, which provides great flexibility and learning capacity, and also promotes equal opportunities for both sexes, by focusing on the presence of women in positions of responsibility (71.4% of the management team).




Quality Award: its purpose is to recognise the projects developed and implemented and which are distinguished by the increase in the quality of the services provided and/or influence in improving how the internal processes of the company are managed, for example: new service provision models, use of new technologies in the delivery of services, development of methodologies for the inspection and monitoring of services, methodology followed to improve maintenance of equipment or facilities, methods to evaluate the satisfaction of our customers or users of our services, systems to improve communication between our customers or users and the company, incident management methodologies, etc.

Awarded Projects 2021:

  • Project “Industry 4.0 with Node-Red” - Andalucía I Delegation

Automation of processes using the Node-Red tool, from which the PLC of a facility is read and acted upon. The aim is to automatically "read" certain parameters of a fcilityand, for certain circumstances, define action guidelines and instructions that are automatically launched to initiate processes in the fcility without the need for intervention by the site's operators. The specific project is for the automation of the leachate treatment plant at the Ecocentral Plant (Granada), achieving a 46% increase in the volume of leachate treated and an 8% reduction in energy consumption per m3.


  • Project “The Urban Cleaning Influencers” - Levante II Delegation

The aim is to inform citizens and receive their feedback through social media about the different aspects related to the services we provide. The ultimate goal is to create a constantly growing network of followers with whom to interact in order to solve their doubts and complaints, as well as to receive suggestions and help citizens as far as possible. 




Environmental award: aimed at recognising the projects developed and implemented and with a special contribution to minimising environmental impacts derived from the development of the activities of the company, for example: increase in energy efficiency, both in the provision of services and in facilities and machinery, use of renewable energies, improvements in waste management, decrease in water consumption, improvements in leachate and wastewater management, minimisation of atmospheric emissions, etc.

Awarded Project 2021:

  • Project   “E-mobility Technologies in Building and Facility Maintenance services”

In this contract, FCC Environment  is committed to the implementation of green technologies, which is why 22 units of PHEV KIA NIRO passenger cars with the Spanish DGT's Environmental-Zero Label have been incorporated, which had to be adapted for industrial use. Moreover, additional charging points have been installed throughout the work area so that the maintenance technicians can optimise their journeys and thus maximise effective working times. In this way, employees start their working day at the customer's own centre without having to travel to the central facilities, also helping to minimise atmospheric emissions and reduce the CO2 carbon footprint. Finally, a process of total digitalisation of the services has been carried out. 




Innovation Awards: they have been designed to recognise and reward internal talent of the organisation, materialised through innovative ideas, which should be the basis of a business project developed in the medium term, for example: innovative practices in the provision of services, in citizen, customers or other stakeholder relationship systems, in the improvement of environmental behaviour, which contribute to the sustainable economic development of the company, initiatives that result in an organisational improvement or the management processes of the company, etc.

Awarded Projects 2021:           

  • Project   “Implementation of Multi-fraction Containers with restricted access and Smart Collection System” - Barcelona and Baleares Delegation

In the city of Girona, a new waste collection system has been implemented, previously tested in a pilot trial in a single container area in the same city, where the usual configuration of containers for the five fractions has been replaced by a configuration of one container for the organic fraction, one container for sanitary textiles and a multi-fraction container, which each day is allocated to a different fraction (paper/cardboard, packaging, glass and residual fraction) following a predefined allocation schedule. In addition, intelligent containers with access control and volumetric sensors have been installed. In the future, on-board software is planned to allow the electronic management of dynamic routes by means of route optimisation algorithms, incident entry, remote remote control, localisation and communications.










  • Project   Energy recovery from combustible waste as a replacement for natural gas” - TRISA East Delegation, FCC Ámbito

The application proposes the use of combustible liquid waste that can be recovered for fuel in the Evapo-Oxidation Unit as a substitute for natural gas. This achieves the valorisation of waste as opposed to elimination or disposal, as well as a reduction in CO2 emissions compared to other types of processes. In economic terms, the consumption of a resource for which we pay (natural gas) is reduced, compared to a recoverable combustible waste for which we receive a charge, which means increasing the margin in the management of this waste.